Birmingham is one of the UK’s highest-rated Investment Property hotspots, falling behind only Manchester and Edinburgh in many sources and growing fast in comparison to some cities that have seen a slow down in recent months. In this aricle, we will look at why Birmingham Property Investment is so popular at the moment.

As Birmingham’s forecasts continue to improve, major developers are starting to recognise the potential in the UK’s second largest city. A key example of this being Berkley Homes launching their newest project in the city, their first ever investment in Birmingham.

This article will look at some of the key reasons why Birmingham is proving to be so attractive to property investors and why now is the perfect time to invest in the city.

Engineering and Industry Excellence

Birmingham is founded on a history of engineering and industry excellence. With a booming technology sector and several major employers moving headquarters out of London and into the city including HSBC, Price Waterhouse Cooper and HMRC all recently opening major operations, employment and job opportunities is increasing at a rapid pace.

The Midlands Engine

Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced the launch of the Midlands Engine Project in March 2017. This new growth project will see over £100 million invested in areas such as education, affordable housing, tourism, international trade and transport infrastructure.

Following a similar strategy to the Northern Powerhouse project, these initiatives are proven to boost local economies, employment and economic forecasts in the relevant areas.

Educational Excellence

Birmingham is recognised for international educational excellence, with over 70,000 students graduating each year from 5 universities including leaders in the field of Science, Technology, Law and Teaching. These universities attract students from across the globe to study and many of these students look to remain in Birmingham upon graduation to take advantage of the high-potential job roles in the city.

Massive Under-Supply of High-Quality Accommodation

Birmingham has suffered from chronic under-development in its housing. The Deloitte Birmingham Crane Survey which looks at all on-going construction in the city identified that since 2009, no more than 500 new homes have been constructed in the city and in 2015 not a single new residential project was started. Conversely, 2018 will see almost 3000 homes completed with a year on year growth of almost 500{4e9bbf767e97313caf9e6d9eb16de97948cc0141bbef7075abe428e06f81a351}.

Birmingham Property Investment

As Birmingham continues to grow, we are helping investors find the perfect property them in Birmingham’s city centre. If you would like to know more about Birmingham and how to find the right property for you, Contact Us today.