While Manchester continues to be the UK’s number one property investment hotspot, the Northern Quarter in Manchester is one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods currently in the city. Often compared to London’s Shoreditch and Birmingham’s Digbeth, the Northern Quarter is one of the trendiest postcodes in the country. In this article, we will explore why the Northern Quarter continues to be extremely popular with investors and tenants alike.

The below map shows the central location of the Northern Quarter in comparison to the Manchester Arndale and Central Business District which touches the areas east perimeter. 

A Place to Enjoy

Located within the Northern Quarter is the Arndale Centre, home to over 200 stores and widely considered the centre of the Manchester fashion scene, alongside being in the top 10 biggest shopping centre in the UK. Featuring a range of shops including traditional high-street brands such as H&M, Topshop and Topman, FootLocker and Levi’s alongside some of the world’s biggest brands have chosen to call the Arndale home, including Apple, Ford Motor Company and Lego all operating stores within the centre.

Away from the Arndale Centre, the Northern Quarter’s streets are packed with independent shops and eateries as well as a vibrant bar culture. To add to this, the Northern Quarter is home to some of the North of England’s most well-known music venues, the area attracts music-fans from across the country to its range of venues and bars.

Alongside an exciting bar scene and excellent shopping facilities, the Northern Quarter will also be known to international audiences after featuring in several movies, with Dale Street doubling for New York in the recent Captain America movies and much of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes being filmed in the area as well.

Outstanding Employment Opportunities

Due to its superb location, the Northern Quarter attracts a large number of working professionals from Manchester’s thriving financial centre. The Northern Quarter is also accessible on Manchester’s Tram service as well as a short walk to Manchester Piccadilly mainline train station, attracting tenants who work throughout the city. The Northern Quarter prides itself by offering an excellent community to relax in after a hard day’s work.

Within the Northern Quarter, a large number of jobs are within the Creative Industry which has gained a strong reputation with a number of Design Agencies, Art Galleries and especially Fashion Designers and Clothing Wholesalers basing themselves in the area.

The media reported in Mid-October 2018 that Amazon are creating 600 jobs in Manchester city centre, moving to the iconic Hanover House building on the corner of Corporation Street and Hanover Street and occupying a huge 90,000sq. ft office space. Amazon will be situated just a 5 minutes walk from much of the Northern Quarter and bringing this significant number of ‘techy’ young professionals working in software development and research and development, with the majority moving into the area purposely. The Manchester office, due to open in 2019 will be Amazon’s first UK corporate office outside of London and a very exciting time for the global conglomerate. 

Trendy and Vibrant Environment

With alternative stores, vintage stores, barbers, coffee shops taking position in the Northern Quarter, the area is bustling and vibrant with locals and young professionals. Easily accessible by foot or public transport to a vast number of districts across Manchester, it offers an ideal commuter location and therefore a high demand for rental property.

This huge art in the image below was painted in 2011 in collaboration with Red Bull and is earth, wind, fire and water themed, known as a key landmark in the Northern Quarter. The iconic image has now become listed and other exceptional art is appearing in the area, attracting tourists and visitors to the exciting area.

Proven Investment Track Record

One of the reasons the Northern Quarter continues to be extremely popular is its extremely strong investment track record. Particularly in commercial space, developments of thousands of square feet are currently under construction with many businesses following the process of North Shoring and attracted to Manchester’s thriving prospects.

House Prices

House price growth remains strong in Manchester as prices continue to rise by an average of 7.4{32a70e766e49c95f504e78d863f700cc0bc860776959e311316a05ffc4828dc8} a year. In the M4 postcode where the Northern Quarter is located, house prices have outstripped the rest of Manchester and increased by an impressive 13.2{32a70e766e49c95f504e78d863f700cc0bc860776959e311316a05ffc4828dc8} in the last year.

Rental Demand

The rental demand for 1 and 2 bedroom apartments remains high in Central Manchester with many properties being rented on the day that they are advertised. The Telegraph national newspaper recently reported that rents in Manchester are expected to rise by 4.2{32a70e766e49c95f504e78d863f700cc0bc860776959e311316a05ffc4828dc8} in the next 12 months, compared to an average of 2.4{32a70e766e49c95f504e78d863f700cc0bc860776959e311316a05ffc4828dc8} across the UK.