Gower & Mae identify and offer a selection of property assets on behalf of its private client networks and developer contacts.

We offer investment opportunities across commercial, residential, development and investment classes. Built on a foundation of experience in the Finance, Banking and Property markets, the Gower and Mae team offer diverse skill sets which complement and benefit our global client and contact networks.

In recent years, global markets for property have been through significant adjustment allowing for a number of opportunistic situations to arise. We provide our client networks with access to property opportunities which are evaluated and assessed against extensive criteria in order to mitigate risk.

The properties we offer are principally aimed at those seeking to gain capital growth or rental income through the ownership of property.

We recognise that property opportunities need to be clearly communicated with integrity, transparency and based on fact. Our approach is to assist clients in the process of researching and developing knowledge in the ever changing property environment by offering timely, clear and candid information on the properties and services we offer. Working in this way allows us to help maximise returns for our clients and enhance their portfolio value and overall performance.

Gower & Mae are committed to making property purchases informative and stress-free. Using a simple client-centric process, we successfully transact with global client networks based across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

To see how Gower & Mae can help your property search click the link below to download our Income Producing Property guide.