Looking to London for that new property investment? As property prices in London continue to rise where are the best locations to invest?

Eastern Zone 6 will be on most investors radar when it comes to London property this year. Developers have started moving out to this zone as it gives the lifestyle of rural country while having a commutable distance into London, especially those on the Crossrail development lines.

Canary Wharf

Are you aware of the Crossrail development? The Crossrail development was confirmed in 2008 with completion due in 2018/2019. Eight 1,000 tonne tunnelling machines have bored 26 miles or 46 km of new 6.2m diameter rail tunnels under London. Tunnelling was completed on June 4th 2015. Now focus turns to the huge task of fitting out these tunnels in preparation for completion.

Crossrail will add 10{4e9bbf767e97313caf9e6d9eb16de97948cc0141bbef7075abe428e06f81a351} capacity to London’s rail network. It will serve 40 stations connecting Reading to Heathrow in the west and Shenfield to Abbey Wood in the East. An estimated 200 million passengers will travel on Crossrail each year.

Even though the development of the Crossrail network is still two years away, investors have seen the true potential as property prices around stations have risen by more than 20{4e9bbf767e97313caf9e6d9eb16de97948cc0141bbef7075abe428e06f81a351} since the announcement of the Crossrail network.

Looking at areas on the Eastern Crossrail line, according to the Land Registry prices have risen significantly in 2015 as the Crossrail completion date draws closer. In Havering, prices have risen by 7.62{4e9bbf767e97313caf9e6d9eb16de97948cc0141bbef7075abe428e06f81a351}. Barking and Dagenham by 14.2{4e9bbf767e97313caf9e6d9eb16de97948cc0141bbef7075abe428e06f81a351} and Tower Hamlets by 8.4{4e9bbf767e97313caf9e6d9eb16de97948cc0141bbef7075abe428e06f81a351}.

gardenbridfgeTransport for London has also announced proposals for 13 new river crossings. The majority of these proposals are in the East of London where property construction and expansion are highest. The Mayor of London is pushing for approval of these bridges and tunnels as part of a plan for a new “City in the East”.

We have an exclusive opportunity for a new to market property in Romford located adjacent to the new Romford Crossrail station. This opportunity is ideal for buy to let investors looking to the future growth and rental possibilities for this area as travel times from here will improve significantly into Liverpool Street and Central London.

GVA Grimley predicts increases of 27.5{4e9bbf767e97313caf9e6d9eb16de97948cc0141bbef7075abe428e06f81a351} in residential values and 15{4e9bbf767e97313caf9e6d9eb16de97948cc0141bbef7075abe428e06f81a351} for rental value. Their report on Crossrail specifically identifies Romford as a clear beneficiary of the improved accessibility and describes an immediate zone of influence around the station where this development is located.