“This story began in 2011 and just like the projects we sell, we have become bigger, better and stronger.”

Our experience and knowledge has benefited developers across 20,000 properties, on over 90 developments with a GDV (gross development value) in excess of £3 billion. But our know-how penetrates far deeper than impressive numbers, we have used this knowledge to challenge ourselves, learn, improve, educate, inform and to walk in the shoes of our clients.

Our values, based on customer service and quality, are embedded in every aspect of our business, from recruitment to training to service provision. Whilst based in the UK, our business has a global reach servicing clients on every continent.


Chris Comer

Chris Comer

Chris has been involved in the property industry his entire working life and has extensive international and domestic experience. Hailing from the city of Liverpool, in 1989 Chris set his sights on a career in overseas property and like many others set off for the sunny shores of Spain. This started an almost global tour, seeing him adopt key roles across Europe, The Middle East, South East Asia and as far afield as New Zealand. Over the past 30 years Chris has developed an impressive reputation for identifying, creating and developing property investment opportunities, with his main forte’s being sales, marketing, construction, fiscal strategy and funding.

Chris and his business partner Jonathon first worked together at leading property developer The First Group, where he was a founding board member, together they headed up operations in the UK, Hong Kong and then Dubai before Chris headed off in 2008 to start the Bangkok based property developer 8over8 where he still plays an active role. However, driven by the knowledge he has gained over many years Chris has now decided that the UK and its vibrant and ever-expanding property market is where his future lies. So, in 2019 he invested in Gower & Mae, this allowed him to again join forces with friend and fellow property professional Jon, with a view to taking the company into its next logical stage of growth. This will see Gower & Mae enter a new and exciting expansion program which includes property acquisition, design and development projects in the UK.

Chris says:

For me and 8over8 this was an easy investment to make. Two very like-minded individuals who are both creative, ambitious and have a can-do attitude to everything we undertake. The future will not only be successful but as usual it will be fun, building a bigger, better and stronger Gower & Mae and nurturing and training the next generation of property gurus. I can’t wait!

Jonathon Scott

Jonathon Scott

Jonathon has worked in the property sector since graduating from university in Cardiff. During his career he has held several director & board level positions in companies dealing in residential and commercial property development with his focus and responsibilities including corporate management and structuring. Over the past 15 years Jonathon has worked across property markets in the UK and across Asia including Dubai and Hong Kong.

While holding a UK board position at one of the fastest growing property developers in the UAE he first met Chris where they developed a successful working relationship. Jonathon developed a strong grasp on property development, sales, marketing and business operations. Following the financial crisis Jonathon focused on the London market at a boutique agency dealing with investors, wealth managers and institutions from the Middle East and Asia seeking value from the market in London at that time. In 2011 he went on to form Gower & Mae to work on projects across the UK’s key locations such as Manchester, Birmingham, London and Liverpool, connecting property developers with a range of professional service providers as well as purchasers seeking property for personal use or investment.

Jonathon says:

The market in the UK has presented many challenges and opportunities in recent times, which I believe has taught me to be robust and relentless in my approach to delivering solid opportunities to the corporations and individuals alike that are members of the Gower & Mae story. I am confident on the current and future prospects for the UK market, and see emerging sectors now presenting significant opportunity to property investors. I am delighted to be working with Chris again and we have an exciting yet logical plan focused on growing the business over the next 5 years and beyond together.


When we are satisfied that a property meets our high standards, we introduce the property to our clients, providing them with all the information they need and answering any questions they may have. Our team are on hand to offer opinion and information to help our clients select the right property for them.


Each development or project that we agree to market, is analysed by Gower & Mae’s Management Team. Our key focus is the validity of the title of the property in question, the track record of the developer, the funding of the development is established taking it through construction to completion and that the project will be delivered on time whilst always managing clients expectations.


When we are satisfied that a property meets our criteria, we introduce the property to our clients, providing them with all the information they need and answering any questions they may have. We ensure this information will be delivered in a simple, transparent and concise format, allowing you to get to the crux of the opportunity and secure the best price possible for you the buyer.


Once the purchase is confirmed, our after-sales team are on hand to make our client’s purchase as easy and hassle free as possible. We maintain constant contact with our clients, the developers and any third-parties such as mortgage brokers and solicitors to ensure a stress-free experience. This approach and attention to detail ensures our clients return time and time again and whilst also recommending friends and family.